Tata Ivana

Qustionnaire to meet your needs

Hi kids!

are you looking forward to come to Italy? And spending some time with Tata Ivana?

It is so that usually children call me here in Italy... and YOU how are you going to say my name?



I will be there where you need it, at the ceremony or at the hotel or at the apartment where you are staying.


I do have many toys... if necessary, I will bring something.


Let me know this information about routine with kids:


Do they have any allergy/intolerance?

Do they have any "fear"?

What do they like?

Give me an answer even if the child is an infant: they likes something too...for ex. to be touched in a particular way or listening a song...

In the afternoon do they have a snack? Can they eat candies? Which ones...

Do they have a "security blanket"? Which is it?

(in psichology, it's an item used by the child to provide him psychological comfort)

What time do they have dinner?

What are they going to eat?

How to dress them for bed-time? How are they use to manage the bed-time? with a story, a song....


Please let me know any information you think it's necessary to know.

Looking forward to seeing you.