Wedding Nanny - Event Nanny - Nanny for tourists

Tata per matrimoni - Tata per eventi - Tata per turisti

Are you a Wedding & Event planner? Are you a hotel receptionist? Are you a family?

Do you need urgently a nanny with experience who speaks English, German or French?

Here you are: you found the right person for you: Ivana Arena, that is me!


My business is about communication, didactics and pedagogy since about ten years.

I  carry out several activities such as:

  • Nanny
  • English lessons
  • Homework support
  • Blog editor


Degree in communication and translation studies, in English and German.

Certificate for Kindergarten-teacher (0 - 3 y.o.), professional course.


Languages: English, German, French

Applied behavior analysis techniques - for autism spectrum

Neuro-linguistic programming, NPL

Infant, toddler massage


  • As teacher in Kindergarten
  • As teacher for adults and children in one-to-one lessons
  • As SEN teacher
  • As nanny for families
  • As wedding nanny
  • As children's entertainer
  • As volunteer with people with disabilities

Edu Baby Care

I like to underline that when I work as a Nanny, my three key words are:

  • active listening
  • empathy - understanding
  • respect

That's why I always prefer to say I work as an Edu Baby Care and not as a Babysitter,


with Edu I mean EDUCATION

with Baby I mean to put the child at the CENTER and between these two words > Edu & Care

with Care I mean to take care and RESPECT the child

and I really don't like the word Babysitter

which it reminds me the concept to be sit and still, doing nothing ...